Monday, August 27, 2012

Review on Black&Decker Rice Cooker RC3303

So you decided to buy a rice cooker? Well here I will write review on one of these cookers and try to help you choose the right one for you.

First, what's rice cooker? Well it's cooker but it's specially dedicated to cooking rice. Some cookers are cooking other foods very well such as oatmeals.

In this review I'm going to review Black&Decker rice cooker. To be exact, name of the model is Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cooker.

This cooker have some pro's and con's. Well every machine have some features and lacks. Good sides and bad sides are presented in every product. I hope you will look over lacks and take good sides of this product in consideration.

This is a 3-cup (uncooked) rice cooker. This cooker has inbuilt automatic keep-warm mode. That means that after your rice (or other food you put in) is cooked, it will automatically turn off cooking and keep your rice warm until you take it out.

This cooker is designed very well but it's small. Don't like big things? Keep reading.

And here is a video review on this product:

This is small but yet very compact tool. Using this machine you will be able to cook enough rice for you or eventually for one person more.

This means that you won't be able to cook a lot of rice for your family, so if you are planning to cook on daily basis for your family then I think you should look for another bigger rice cooking machine. But however since this appliance is very small you will be able to easily travel with it. If you travel a lot then this cooker is maybe best machine for you. Its compact size will help you easily manage and maintain this machine.

Cleaning process is easy. Bottom pot is removable and you can take it out. On that way cleaning process is even easier.

Even if is this very small for heavy users, it's stil good cooker. Price is very affordble and it's easy to use. You will need about 25-30 minutes to cook the rice in this portable-sized cooking pot.

I will mention in this review that I also think cord is long enough so you don't have to worry about cord length. Another good thing is that in package, this appliance comes with instructions and manual. You will get a manual and instructions on how to cook, ratio rice-water and other useful information.

Also I'd recommend to you occasionally mixing the rice while cooking. On that way you will avoid rice becomes brown. It might take you a while to understand ratio rice-water but I think that you will get eventually more skill in cooking.

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