Friday, September 28, 2012

What you should take in consideration when buying rice cooker?

Well if you are planning to buy a rice cooker you are probably not sure which one you should purchase. You might be looking online for opinions, thoughs, given stars and reviews of these rice cookers but you are still not sure which rice cooker you should buy. I'll give you some directions in order to help you buy the cooker that suits to your needs.

There are many rice cooker reviews but which rice cooker you should take in consideration? Well I'll give you some directions as I said. In the first place you need to think about size of your cooker. Why you should take in consideration the size?

There are many reasons why you should take the size in your calculation when it comes to buying a rice cooker. For example, by many rice cooker reviews I have read, Zojirushi is best rice cooker out there for so many reasons and features. However it has one big lack – it's small. It's especially small if you are planning to cook a lot of rice for many persons or for your family. Just imagine your family is waiting for rice until they realize the servings are so small and not enough. However, Zojirushi is pretty good if you don't need to cook a lot of rice. Again, depending on the model of Zojirushi, maybe you can look for one bigger model.

So it's very important to take in consideration the size. Another thing I'd like to recommend to you is number of features. Some rice cookers have more features and some are really features-less – to call them that way. For example rice cooker by Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup (Uncooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer) or let's just use an abbreviation – Aroma, is very good cooker but it doesn't have so many features as Zojirushi cooker does.

That's why you should take in consideration the features you need. For example, by some reviews I have read, Oster cooker don't have an alarm feature. On that way, you won't be informed, if you are in another room, when is rice cooked and you will need to check often if is rice cooked or rather don't leave the room and watch the cooker. Another cooker (I already talked about size but I'll mention it again) like cooker by Black&Decker is good but it's too small and even smaller than Japanese cooker.

That's why you should take all things into account and read all rice cooker reviews before you decide to buy one of these tools.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Aroma Cooker - Video Review

So you are planning to buy some rice cooker? Let me recommend Aroma rice cooker and here is even a video review on it.

There you can find a lot of information and rice cooker reviews. I also previously talked about Zojirushi rice cooker and that one is very good but the lack is that it's small and maybe is Aroma a way to go. Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup (Uncooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer is very good and I like the steaming feature. With it you will be able to steam the food and that's really cool. In that video you can see how cooker look like. I think that Aroma rice cooker is released in two versions black and white. So if you aren't happy with black you might think about purchasing a white version. In that video it's shown a black color rice cooker but I hope you'll like it.

You will notice how it looks stainless and steely and good thing is that it comes a nifty spoon with it. Also with it (in package) comes an instruction manual (you can keep that just in case) and a product registration. I think that warranty is 1 year but not sure. So I hope this is useful for you and please read that post on more information.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oster 4722 6-cup cooker Review

Rice cookers are very good. You can use them for many things. Some rice cookers are even steamers. On that way you are able to steam your food and what not. Well this post is exactly about that. It's about another review on another rice cooker and I hope you'll find it useful. Last time I reviewed Black&Decker rice cooker but in this post I'm going to review another rice cooker.

Well I will review Oster 4722 6-cup cooker. This cooker has even a steaming tray. As I said in first paragraph, some cookers are even steamers. This one cooker by Oster does same as well.

I think that this is a very compact and an inexpensive cooker. If you are looking to save money or if you are with shorter pocket then you might buy this one since it will be cheaper. But this isn't a set-and-forget cooker. If you are looking for cooker that will do everything for you(you just put in rice and the water) then I think you will need to pay more.

This cooker requires some attention and stiring during cooking. But price is very good so that's pro of this cooker.

I like that whole cooker is made of metal/glass. No plastic at all. For example bottom and steamer tray are made of metal. The lid is made of glass and I think you can look through so that's good. Plastic might melt or something but on this way your cooker is safe.

This reviewer from here said:

During cooking, rice might get crunchy, brown or even burnt. If you don’t stir occasionally that’s what happens. Keep rice-water ratio good and stir occasionally. If you like crunchiness, then this rice cooker is the right choice for you.

This rice cooker is quite big and you should be able to cook 6 cups (smaller cups) of food. I said smaller because 1 cup of this cooker isn't same as 1 regular cup. Maybe 6 cups is equal 4 or maybe 5 regular cups so yeah. But it's still good in cooking. Beside cooking rice (like any other rice cooker is doing, right?) this one is capable of cooking or steaming vegetables and meat. I think it's capable of cooking/steaming broccoli, salmon fish and cauliflower. Well it's very good cooker I think.

Also I will metion in these rice cooker reviews that design is very simple. This is a basic cooker but yet very good. I like the fact that it weighs only 4 pounds. It's very very easy to carry it around. However since isn't so small it's not that bad for traveling, but it maybe could be better. Another thing I should mention in these rice cooker reviews is that all these pots for rice might spew! But that's why you should stir occasionally and take care of rice-water ratio.

So if you stir occasionally I think it won't spew around so you are safe. Also take paper brush or something, so you are sure your surface will stay clean. This cooker doesn't have a timer function but as I said it's pretty basic cooker and price is very good.